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Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Small Table and Chairs Get Reprieve!

Ponsonby Hair


Following yesterday’s post “Shock! Horror! Local Hairdresser breaks law with small table and chairs!” Ponsonby hairdresser and all round good guy Ken Beguely,  owner of Ponsonby Hair, this morning received a gracious apology from an Auckland Council manager, an assurance that no further action would be taken to compel him to remove the small table and two chairs outside his salon, and an invitation to contact the manager at any time if he had further problems.

Now that is great news and I congratulate the Auckland Council manager on his eminent good sense in abandoning an ill-considered course of action.

Only thing is, Judy and I were kind-of looking forward to “THE SIT-IN”, as the table and two small chairs, Judy strapped into one, Brian into the other, were hoisted by crane into a waiting Council dump truck, against the chanting of a thousand angry Herne Bay, St Mary’s Bay and Ponsonby  yummy-mummies, “We’re as mad as hell and we aren’t going to take this any more! Save our salon!”

One can only dream.


  1. I had a similar dream, it involved Winston Peters being dumped into a waste bin in Dargaville with hordes of angry National Party voters chanting “We’re as mad as hell and we aren’t going to take this any more! Save our Party!”

    Still trying to decide whether it was a nightmare or something else!

  2. Well done, Brian. One small victory for the little guy after a million defeats by overwhelming bureaucracy.

    @Kat, what has Northland done to deserve a guy like Harawira who believes his own nonsense or Peters who doesn’t?

  3. Congratulations Brian. Clearly the influencers in Auckland read your blog.

    Now having fixed this in 24 hours, where to direct your considerable influence next?

    I vote for traffic enforcement that criminalises someone doing 104 km/h on the Auckland motorway in a modern car on a fine day in light traffic.

  4. Brian I am wondering if it was a sit-in or a sit-on you were considering. Or a sit-on-in?

  5. Pity; I had envisaged a protest of 50 nuns chained to the table and chairs. Perhaps on this occasion the nun prayed to the Lord to bring light into the darkest recesses of Auckland City Council.

    As a resident of the Wellington region I am consistently being told the benefits of amalgamation. I wonder whether this type of cretinism is one of the benefits.

    • One of the ‘benefits’ of amalgamation is the eradication of the ‘turning a blind eye’ syndrome. Small councils were rife with this disease and it must be stamped out!
      I just read that our own, already too big for its boots, Tasman District Council may amalgamate with Nelson City Council. If that means the final stamping out of the above syndrome then some of us ‘hippies’ will be in trouble! I’ll have to gather up some nuns, and/or retired TV personalities, for a mass ‘sit in’!

  6. 6

    Jasperdene Commodius

    Well done, Brian. Saved yourselves the indignity of being craned up into a dumpster, and me the time of coming over to observe the spectacle.

  7. It’s Auckland Council, though, not Auckland City Council…Auckland City Council no longer exists.

  8. The whole sorry saga raises some interesting points.
    If the bylaw forbids tables and chairs on that part of the footway then, by taking no further action, the Auckland Council manager is not carrying out his statutory duty.
    If tables and chairs are allowed then the council officer was exceeding his authority in threatening action.
    As things stand, how do we know this will not happen again to some other unfortunate shopkeeper?
    A lawyer could, no doubt, come up with all sorts of feasances: mal, non, mis . . .
    Auckland Council should clarify the matter but I’m not holding my breath.
    Jobsworths Rule!!!

    • It seems to me that the fact that Ken isn’t doing haircuts on clients in the chairs outside or making any money from them, makes a difference. We pay to have a coffee outside in a cafe. Nobody pays to sit in Ken’s chairs outside and I’m pretty sure the chairs don’t act as an incentive for weary walkers and the elderly to come inside for a perm.

  9. Amandla!

  10. Three chairs for Ken.

  11. Can someone please put up some background & detail so we can understand this issue? Reading this, I get the impression that a hairdresser wants to put a table & chairs outside his shop on an area that is designated as a public footpath.
    It doesn’t explain why he wants to block a part of a public footpath, why one table & two chairs are needed on a public footpath & who will be using them.
    Does he have room on his premises for folk to sit?
    Are there alot of tired people walking around there?
    Is the good path very wide so pedestrians can easily get around these obstructions?
    Is there a stupid law that needs to be changed & are all shopkeepers in this area going to be allowed to place items on the public footpath?
    I would seriously like to understand what’s going on here.
    Thanks very much.

  12. Whoops. I saw something about this on Facebook & now realise it was a part if an ongoing discussion.
    Now I’ve done my homework I see you have given details previously, so my apologies.

  13. Well done Brian! You (and to some degree us) must have some influence after all.

    How would you like to be Mayor in 2017?

  14. Late contribution for which I beg forgiveness. Might Ken ( for) Mayor securely cement the table and chairs in situ?