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Been watching Trump on the telly? Given up on American politicians? Well, check this guy out!

Give yourself 15 minutes at least to listen to him.

Then ask yourself this question: Have we got a single politician in New Zealand to match this guy? Let me know what you think.

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  1. and she is fantastic too :)

  2. His ideas sound a lot like what the Green Party have been talking about for years, but he reminds me of John Key: Present an image common people can relate to, set it up as “reasonable us versus excessive them”, say everything people want to hear, give no explanation on how or why it will work.

    • He speaks with a lot more charisma and passion than Key.

      • Look at how many people John Key charms, how many people appeal to him publicly to personally intervene in their own personal crisis, how often political problems just bounce off him. People believe in his charisma and passion too.

    • 2.2

      He doesn’t remind me of John Key at all. For a start, he looks and sounds as if he really means what he says, he doesn’t fudge the issues, he cares about the have-nots and, most of all, he doesn’t look shifty.

      • “he looks and sounds as if he really means what he says”

        That’s exactly how John Key wins. The message is irrelevant here, it’s the fact he can appear convincing to enough people.

  3. I used to think that no-one could turn a thread on this site into an anti-John Key rant faster than Kat, but you guys are good. I’m impressed.

  4. No living NZ politician comes remotely close to Bernie Sanders. We’d probably need to go all the way back to John A Lee to match his degree of passion and sincerity. In the US they’d need to right back to Franklin Roosevelt.

    Note that, in terms of the Great Depression, history has repeated itself in the USA or, at least, rhymed. Virtually all the legislation that FDR fought for was steadily dismantled, mostly by the Republicans, although it was Bill Clinton who finally saw off the Glass-Steagall Act that Sanders refers to in his speech.

    It remains to be seen whether Sanders can beat Hillary Clinton (who, to me, always sounds phoney) to the Democratic nomination and then go on to beat the eventual Republican nominee, precisely because he does not have the backing of the big corporations and billionaires that he rails against so eloquently in this speech. Mind you, neither did Roosevelt and his Democrats nor Lee, Savage, Fraser and the first Labour Government.

  5. Bernie Sanders certainly is saying the right things and he is passionate about what he says.
    I hope that he takes the Democratic nomination and goes on to become the next President and takes Elizabeth Warren with him as vice President.

    The only Politician that I can think of as having had the vision in this country was Norman Kirk, no one since has been even close unfortunately.
    What a great pity this is.