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Garner and du Plessis-Allan

Now this is unusual. There are a couple of things I’ve never been good at: apologising and eating my words. But yesterday morning I put up a post about the first edition of TV3’s new programme Story which plays in the slot that was Campbell Live.

It was a pretty negative piece of writing that neither the programme nor its presenters deserved. It was picky and hypercritical. And, as I say undeserved.

The thing is I broke the first rule of reviewing – never review the first programme in a series. It’s on that programme that things are most likely to go wrong. Nerves usually. So you have to allow any programme to bed in before you put pen to paper.

But actually there was nothing wrong with the first Story and nothing wrong with the two I’ve watched since. In fact it’s bloody good. Duncan and Heather make a wonderfully comfortable duo and the stories are¬†crisp, informative and entertaining.

Sometimes, however, even normally quite rational people can be at odds with the world and themselves. And someone has to pay!

Put it down to indigestion, or a bad night’s sleep, or the early ravages of that disease that elderly folk get and you’re not allowed to make jokes about. You know, the only disease where you get to hide your own Christmas presents.

Oh god, now I’m going to have to eat those words as well.

Anyway, sorry talented Duncan and beautiful Heather.

Oh dear, more trouble. Look, I’m not suggesting that Duncan isn’t beautiful or Heather isn’t talented.

Give it away, Brian!

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  1. Don’t worry Brian…I have no doubt way back in the day( and it was a looooong time ago) there were Cantabrians who thought the rapier thin, face like-a-bag-full-of-chisels Irish Git was a right prat too.
    Their problem was maybe the fastest critique would have been a telegram to the NZBC! Imagine that, no mobiles, no Facebook, no Twitter or the worst of them all a Weblog.
    Hey,it was episode one of Story and …can only get better.

  2. Hi Brian,

    I have watched all three episodes and loved it so far. They have the right talent and the right balance from the start. They are streets ahead from what Seven Sharp was when they first started, but unlike Seven Sharp it can only get better!

    And don’t worry Brian, we are only human we all have our bad days…

  3. I’m impressed…

  4. Good on you for having a bit more time to think and then apologizing. Very admirable trait!

  5. I will carefully study the work of The Master ready for the next time I need to apologise. I’ll be far more likely to do it, I’m sure.

  6. Its not really what I enjoy but …..They have chosen some good issues ,Seven Sharp is unwatchable IMO,Im sure the combination of Duncan Garner and Heather Du Plessis-Alan will continue to improve and ,it fits well into that time slot .

  7. maybe you should run classes for the media hacks that get their facts wrong and don’t say sorry. Stumpy

  8. One of the things I like about reading your blog, Brian, is your ability to backtrack on things you have said in the past. And your ability to acknowledge the old Brian of many years ago as having been, at times, a bit ‘over the top’ or whatever. As I age I’m also finding those abilities – I think its called ‘humility’! (Wow, imagine saying 40 years ago that Brian Edwards will become humble! Wow! ) If only politicians followed the same path!

  9. I guess I’m one of the people who has largely left broadcast TV behind. I watched some of it and found it didn’t suit.

  10. Hi Brian, Friday night and pouring with rain, thought that after reading your comments I should come back to 3 news and Story and see just how they are going.
    Watched and enjoyed the news, but after that there was no Story, just something called Lip Sync battle or something. Oh dear, back to One. Just who is running TV3? Lip Sync Battle at 7!!!

  11. Watched most of one episode. Heather was dismissive and patronising about a perfectly nice young kiwi bloke appearing on Chinese TV, and also about Oamaru, a place she didnt know if she’d visited or not, and it didn’t matter anyway. I’m with Lee, above.

  12. The Ashleigh Madison phones calls were some of the most offensive pieces of TV I’ve seen. Whatever the rights and wrongs of that site, Story didn’t have the right to try an increase ratings by further humiliating people destroying their marriages. I won’t be watching.