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A piece of gratis media advice for Hilary Clinton

Hilary Clinton


Here’s some free media advice for Hilary Clinton now just trailing Donald Trump in the polls: Stop smiling and waving to “people you recognise” in the crowd. It’s insulting to everyone else, looks (and may well be) dishonest and makes you appear like a movie star rather than a future leader of the Free World. Get some gravitas!


  1. “Hey Bernie! Yeah, you with the zimmer frame. Looks like they forgot to lock up the retirement home again. Oh no, is that you Bill, leave that young staffer alone or I’ll tell Donald. For god’s sake can someone get me Specsavers on my private server.”

  2. That exact same advice should be given to news anchors and reporters in this country. When they do handovers and start their sentences by directly addressing the hander-overer (there must be a real word for that!) it always makes me feel like what they’re about to say is not intended for me, the audience. Addressing people personally on broadcast media is poor form unless the audience is “eavesdropping” on a conversion (e.g. an interview).

    • 2.1

      I absolutely agree.

      Hi Bob. Over to Hilary. Etc etc.

      Nobody cares what your names are !!!

  3. she’s not waving; she’s drowning ….Trump is the slimmest of slim margins behind her and looks set to overtake in the numbers..

  4. She is actually saying, WHAT! your young with a family from Nu Zeelund and you actually own a house there!!…WOW!

  5. But what would the American voters do with gravitas?
    Even if they recognised it?

    Nope, they like con artists and used car salesmen. Hilary is doing her best to cater for this odd taste. Trump does it au naturel.

  6. Thomas Jefferson, Abe Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt the used car salesmen and con artists? I don’t think so. America can and has done better than Trump/Clinton/Bush Reagan

  7. I think she’s done this in every clip I’ve ever seen of her walk onto a stage. Is she pointing at someone she knows, someone holding a sign she likes, or standing out due to a costume or something, maybe just a random spectator, or perhaps a group of them. Presumably she sees it as a way to connect with the audience, acknowledge the applause, or fill in time while waiting for the applause to die down.

    Seems a bit forced and repetitive, but if I was a fan, maybe an unpaid party volunteer, it might be nice to go home from a rally and say that I cheered so loud she noticed me, pointed to me, smiled and waved.

  8. Tony, I spoke in the present tense. Of course they have done better in the past. But these days, like the UK, the US is looking like a country with more past than future.
    Perhaps they can bootstrap themselves back to the future – but not in this woeful election.

  9. Brian, she got where she is to-day without one word of advice from you, can we leave it at that.

    • I think Brian was offering a word of advice, to help Hilary make sure she gets to where she intends to be tomorrow.

  10. Do the World a favour
    and post the advice to Hilary.

  11. Well worth a listen…….