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An Outstanding Matter in the Teina Pora Case



The prosecution of the bastards in the New Zealand Police who, for all intents and purposes, framed an innocent and incompetent man whom they then knowingly allowed to rot in prison for more than two decades. Justice will not have been served until that grievous wrong has been put right.



  1. funny you should mention that….I was just thinking that this morning whilst watching Paul Henry…amidst all the payout furore,what about hauling the fabricating cops up before the beak and , like you say, get some justice seen to be done.
    It’s us, the taxpayer, who are paying Teina Pora his comp…not the cops that caused the fit-up in the first place….but hell will freeze over before anything more will be done.

  2. Nothing new as you know Brian, its a political culture syndrome and recently highlighted by the ridiculous minister of social housing.

    Just go back 22 years. But hey John Key is a National party minaret, a millionaire gambler, bought and paid for who promised the electorate a brighter future.

    Idiot voters say what?

    Roll on 2017, more of the lash eh!

    Yeah go on vote National….oh ah!!!

  3. You’d have to be seriously deranged to think the cops are in the clear here, and the sooner those guilty are sent down for 22 years, plus GST, the better the rest of us will feel.

  4. The only punishment the perpetrators of this injustice may suffer is the knowledge that as each day goes by more questions about the case bring the inquiry closer to their own door.I hope they are sweating.

  5. Hi Brian,

    The Privy Council in its judgment quashing Pora’s convictions stated:

    “In the present case it is clear that none of the police officers exerted pressure on Pora.

    “Indeed, they were, if anything, fastidiously correct in their treatment of him.”

    I can understand your sentiment, but perhaps this case is not the appropriate one for it to be applied?