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Never On A Sunday!

Andrew Little

Having of late been more critical than approving of Andrew Little’s efforts in television interviews I now come to praise him: he handled a lengthy and confrontational interview with the terrier-like Lisa Owen on ‘The Nation’ exceptionally well. His ums, ers and y’knows were gone, he was fluent, his eye contact was sustained and he looked confident. The interview should have been a winner.

There was only one problem – the long list of questions he was unable to answer at all! Not from lack of knowledge but because Labour’s policy on each of those topics was not due to be released until the Labour Party Conference on Sunday, which, as we all know is the day after Saturday, when ‘The Nation’ is first broadcast. The world – and Lisa Owen – would have to wait till then.

So we ended up with a whole series of questions which Andrew had to tell Lisa and the audience he couldn’t answer. Conference had to hear them first – on Sunday!

It was really embarrassing.

So here’s my question: How in god’s name did no-one in Little’s office notice that his interview with Owen was the day before the Labour Party Conference which would make it impossible for him to say anything new or of consequence about … well, pretty well anything.

That proved a disastrous oversight with Little repeatedly having to tell Owen he was sorry but he couldn’t talk about that.

Heads should roll!

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  1. I thought he was better on Sunday with Corin Dann….I’m sure Corin let him roll at the end for what sounded like a perfect campaign sound byte…

  2. Stupidity on both sides. The terrier constantly snapping at his heels, and he constantly kicking it away. A total waste of precious airtime.

    What Labour really needs to do is get its head around the Textor/Traynor technique of ‘stacking the frame’.
    The Nats have been doing this for years and its incredibly effective. Whenever a Minister is addressing the media, two or three other ministers strategically stand behind him/her (making sure both eyes can see the camera), and their presence immediately lends an air of gravitas and credibility to any and all BS emanating from the Minister on camera. It can also be used to distract the viewer from the message as the Nats do. The gentle movement of the backing group quickly distracts the viewer from the message.
    It’s the oldest media trick in the book, and I would really like to see Labour using it as well.
    Wake up Labour, never be on your own when meeting the press.

  3. Its better than the outright porkies National have been telling.'post-truth'-era-upon-us

  4. Labour doesn’t ‘own’ the media, yet. Just look at the way smiling John Key is constantly portrayed as opposed to the frowning Andrew Little, especially in the Herald.

    The MSM don’t want gravitas, they are told what to report these days and Labour requires a very cunning media strategy including mega bucks to outsmart the status quo.

    Unfortunately for NZ the 47% still have a hand and a few fingers on the levers of power.

  5. Heads should roll, of course they should, but they won’t.
    Robertson should not be shadow finance minister ,but he is.
    Robertson should stop wearing shirts two days in a row, but he won’t
    Mallard should be put out to pasture but he will stay.
    King should be put out to pasture but will stay.
    Ardern should not be at #5 but she is.
    Ardern personifies frippery, but escapes it.
    David Parker should be leader but he is not.
    Twyford says he is not racist, but he is.
    Shearer should be leader, but he is not.
    McCarten should pay his tax bill but he will not.
    McCarten should not be chief of staff, but he is.
    Nash should be ranked higher, but he will not be.
    Labour has lost its way and they have.
    Labour should go down in the polls and they will.

    • haha . I will take what Bill Murray said over to our side. too good. I don’t see why you can’t wear the same shirt though. Go on make things fun. Make Parker your next leader. Then Adern. Then back to Shearer again. Yoo too good.

  6. This is from Mediawatch “truthiness “Andrea Vance:

    “If the job of political reporters to help people make sense of the chaos and spin and complexity of policy – rather than add to it – it’s fair to say many times we fail.”
    I don’t think that is the job of a political reporter; it is what i would expect from Mike Hosking. A political reporter should have an open mind and dig deep into the arguments on all sides presenting them fairly and letting the viewer decide?

    Immi-what? Hysteria over immigration falls flat
    ANDREA VANCE 101 Comments
    Even Peters own voters aren’t convinced by this old trick – 92 per cent of his supporters don’t rate immigration as a problem.

    – Stuff

  7. Future leaders.

    Theresa May – UK Prime Minister
    Hilary Clinton – USA President
    Helen Clark – UN Secretary General
    Andrew little – NZ Prime Minister
    Bill Shorten – Australian Prime Minister