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Just read that piece about you by that bitch in the Sunday Star Times. What’s got her knickers in a twist eh? Probably gagging for a good ride! That’s the trouble with the bloody Kiwi press – too many old sheilahs out of touch with the in scene.

What you need is a man’s take, Maxie. A real man’s take.
Well, you’ve come to the right shop there, kiddo – Dr Been There Done That, Still Crazy After All These Years, Bring In The Next One: At Your Service!

So here’s the first rule to staying cool: don’t make an ass of yourself. And especially not a total ass. Looking a total ass is really not cool, Maxie. Get it?

And yes, we all know that you’ve got special circumstances going on. And it isn’t easy.

On the other hand, it isn’t all that hard either.

Then again, why give a shit about what some geriatric (look it up, MK), near nonagenarian (ditto!), one foot in the grave, used to be famous, left-wing old codger thinks.

But here’s some free advice that my old Irish mother gave me. “Brian,” she said, in a tone that made the name sound like a curse. “Brian, now that you know everything, isn’t it time you thought of leaving home?”

Oh, and just one more thing: have a look at that picture of you on the golf course holding the flag for Obama and leaning on your golf club – looks just a tiny bit gay, don’t you think?

Just saying.





  1. Brian,why waste your talents on an imbecile such as Max Key, the poor lad is just a chip off the old block.

  2. Run out of luncheon sausage Brian?

  3. Yes Brian, Max is so pathetic, it’s hard to not dislike him.

    I see Cameron thought he was hard Yesterday..popping over to insult someone in their senior years, who’s done more for NZ and journalism than he and his toilet roll site ever will.

    Don’t worry Brian I have his number and address, got it when he went to Israel.. He’s had his warning.. this year will be interesting for him unlike other elections.

    Come here and attack Brian Cam, you will find out who’s the more respected person in NZ, plus, Brians got WAY more mates in high places, than you ever will.. Your current pallyness with Judith not going to save you this time..

  4. Yesterday I watched a documentary about the Battle of Britain. The average age of the pilots was about the same as that of Max Key. I wonder how he would cope in similar circumstances. Probably by getting Daddy to find him a cushy number out of harms way.

    • I’m thinking some sort of administrative role. The modern day Captain Darling.

    • If you read a history of the Battle of Britain you will find that many of those young pilots behaved in a similar immature manner to MK. Many of them came from what would be considered privileged backgrounds and off duty behaved in ways which nowadays would be considered outrageous.

      I am not defending MK. But it is part of growing up. I look back at things I did in my early 20s and want to curl up in embarrassment. I would guess that even the venerable Dr Edwards behaved like a total tosser in his youth. We all tend to forget our own youthful follies when castigating some 20 something who behaves like a pillock.

      As for Kat’s reaction above it is what I would expect from a matron of the left. I cannot recall anyone from the left ever doing anything remotely interesting and most of their activities are more likely to induce narcolepsy.

  5. Those who live by personal attacks die by them. A little bit each time.