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Old Gent gives Gratis Advice to Young Boxer


I abhor the ‘sport’ of boxing but it would be graceless of me not to congratulate Joseph Parker on his World Championship win last night. I did not watch the fight but I have seen numerous television interviews with this modest and entirely charming young man and I congratulate him wholeheartedly on this remarkable achievement.

So in the highly unlikely event that you read this post, Joseph, here is a piece of well-meant advice from an elderly gentleman who still has a few brain cells left: Take the money and run!


One Comment:

  1. Unfortunately he will be surrounded by a swarm of ten percenters who will all be urging him to continue “for the good of the sport”, “for his fans”, “for his country”, for his family”, “as a role model” . . .

    P.S. Those few brain cell you have left, Brian, are the ones which have survived and, therefore, are the best. The ones you have lost are of no consequence. Or so I keep telling myself.