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Have you seen this?


One of the most concerning and extraordinary political scandals I’ve encountered in some time. Go to:


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  1. Look.
    Nothing to see here.
    Move along.
    He didn’t do it and if he did, then Labour and the Greens are worse.
    It’s all a commie, lefty plot to destroy an honourable man.
    Why can’t they leave him alone? (Sob)
    Key should never have quit – a smile and wave from him would have cleared it up.

    Seriously though, he hasn’t been found not guilty, the police have just dropped the case. It could be reopened.

  2. Great to see we’ve still got some investigative media in NZ. Good work.

    • It’s like the MSM are individually too scared to put their heads above the parapet but if someone else brings it up then they can “hunt as a pack”.

  3. HMS Natanic….They say the majority of the iceberg is what you don’t see under the water……

  4. Something for the Nat brigade to hum while shifting the deck chairs.