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Second Thoughts on “What Next”


Tossed and turned during the night. Couldn’t sleep. A bad conscience will do that to you. Had I been too harsh on What Next? What would I say to John Campbell if I bumped into him at RNZ when Michelle and I were on The Panel? Not a violent man, thank heavens. Probably shake my hand and say, “No hard feelings, Brian.” But that would just make it even worse.

Trouble is I’d watched last night’s show and found no compelling reason to change my opinion. And there are still three episodes to go!

So here’s a more temperate analysis of what I see as the programme’s flaws.

*No contrary opinion is expressed anywhere on the show. On the core issues which the show addresses all the studio guests and all the people in the video clips are in fundamental agreement.

*This does not make for riveting viewing. On the contrary, the worthiness which the programme conveys is likely to turn viewers off.

*More importantly, it may invite the suspicion that this is a programme generally reflecting the views of the Liberal Left – people like me!

*New Zealand On Air funded the series to the tune of $1,219,288. That’s not excessive for a five-part series but it ought at least to buy decent pictures and high quality sound, not Stygian gloom and muddy audio. [Irony Warning!!!] Maybe that’s only in Ponsonby/Herne Bay of course.

And finally this: If you cared to look back on the posts on my website or on Facebook, you’d discover that I’ve been a longtime fan of John Campbell and, despite an early post entitled “I do not care for Nigel Latta”, of that gentleman too.

Damn! Another sleepless night coming up.



  1. I didn’t see the first programme. But I did manage to fall asleep watching the second one. I will confess that I had had a couple of glasses of wine – but then I do most evenings. So I don’t think that we can blame that.

    I’m pretty sure that what sent me off to Nod was, firstly, the overt ‘worthiness’ of the programme, and, secondly, John Campbell’s incessant emoting and gurning. I can’t stand the fellow.

    Will I watch any more episodes? Probably not. And that’s from someone who, if pressed, would describe myself as a liberal with left leanings.

  2. It was awful. I managed ten minutes and then abandoned it.

  3. With a programme of his sort I like to think I might learn something and if not that I will be entertained.
    Unfortunately on both counts I was disappointed.I can’t see myself watching any more.