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Winston Peters – another perspective


WitchI never saw myself defending Winston Peters, but I’ve sat in a WINZ office with woman who could have been my mother.

She was lovely. As was the superannuitant who sorted Brian’s some years earlier.

Both of them filled in the forms for us and, although we’re both reasonably literate, we were both very grateful, because forms can confuse.

So I have no difficulty believing that Winston had trust in the officer who processed his application, and that he simply signed this form as we did. Particularly since his partner was with him at the time and there should have been no confusion about his status.

So, like us, he may have assumed that all the details had been checked and accepted by WINZ, since their representative had filled them in.

Just saying.


  1. Some years ago, I had to do one of their incomprehensible questionnaires. The jobsworth turned the computer monitor so I could see it and hovered the mouse pointer over an answer for each question.
    Fool that I was, I gave those answers; it seemed the least stressful thing to do at the time. I wonder how much more I would have been paid if I’d answered truthfully.
    Fortunately there is now a local office with a really nice lady who looks after superannuitants.

  2. Fantastic election so far……could even be a horses head turn up in someones bed next.

    But seriously, trying this type of stunt, if it ever proves to be a stunt, on Winston is a very silly move.

  3. I agree. This won’t stick to Winston. Makes no sense. Cant imagine a man on his salary and position in life would deliberately take the risk for the relatively small amounts involved.

  4. Of course it goes without saying that being overpaid for seven years could not possibly have been the fault of the de facto minister of gold cards, the hon. Winston Peters. Therefore if it is someone else’s fault why did he allegedly pay a fine and interest on an amount paid in error? Clearly the lowlife, filthy National Party are donkey deep in this tragedy overwhelming the member.

    Just saying.

  5. He of all people should always read the fine print.Whatever the outcome whoever decided this was an item of national (no pun intended )importance needs to apologise to him.This really is a personal matter and the National Party Ministers should never have been briefed .
    My dealings with Winz on behalf of my mother have been dependant on who you talk to as to what you are entitled to.

  6. New polling shows Labour ahead of National. Guess that horses head could turn up anytime.

    And if Winston had wilfully misrepresented his status, the ministry of social warfare would be bound to have proceeded to prosecute him for fraud.

    Just saying.

  7. As recently as 2013, MSD Officers would commonly designate the [QP] in particular relationships as >solo for purposes of Superannuation,De Facto< was doubtful.
    It is because of the meaning of
    The designation has a legal meaning of a relationship in the nature of a marriage , and of some standing in duration
    The legally accepted time of a relationship to be designated De Facto was about three years, and this is still written up in Lawyers advice columns, and Law journals..
    It was a type of interim social equity because in this particular case the payment of Super in Schedule 1 of Super Act was offered less than a single person received. This relationship [QP and NQP under 65 ] is also income tested .
    This happened to me in 2013, and it is the reason for Winston’s form being changed by MSD in 2010.
    My IHYA data base file has an entry to this effect in 2013.
    The client enters partner name in the form , and MSD so as to deliver you equity ,Designate you as single for the purpose of Super.
    A kindness of just a few years ago, now vanished.

    Now >> the new approach from the so called Crows’ Nest
    MSD have been >>”evolving “,, the meaning of certain words in legislation over a period of time.
    This evolution works against the client subject, because meanings like >de facto, and >partner De Facto category single for the Super Act [ not in long term relationship ]
    Many of us were not even aware of these designations, or accepted the natural justice associated.
    That natural Justice has been taken away now..

    Winston knows there is nothing to hunt down on his side, and it is not his duty to explain shifting feminist MSD policy.

    There is more coming. The IHYA data base grenade may go pop, and it may disappear inside post election negotiations
    The entire Citizen data file of the MSD appears to have drifted loose in February.
    Tolley and English jumped on the so called ‘Provider exposure’ on March 31 to cover what seems to be have been a major loss earlier. IT people were called in and an entirely new system was called for.
    The independent review was headed by former Deloitte consultant Murray Jack, who reported conveniently a minor event.
    It looks like Someone with the big key took out the entire February data base
    paul scott