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You Can’t Win, Baby.


It’s been interesting, if not exactly cheering, to note that, within hours of her winning the job of leading the Labour Party, the possibility that Jacinda Ardern might conceive a child while in office has been advanced as an impediment to her ability to be an effective Prime Minister.

Precisely the opposite argument was advanced by the Right about Helen Clark when she entered Parliament and as she rose to prominence as a potential party leader. Her choice not to have children was not only held against her but interpreted and expressed in the most cruel fashion as evidence that she was an unnatural woman and, in all probability, a lesbian.

One might have thought that Helen’s subsequent career might have put paid to this level of chauvinistic prejudice but it seems not. As the French have it: Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose. The more things change the more they remain the same.

You can’t win, baby!



  1. Perhaps when she does win she can change it.

  2. She’s got National really worried.

  3. Brian, it’s a bit of a leap from ‘Are you contemplating having children?’ to ‘an impediment to her ability to be an effective Prime Minister’.

    If Ms Ardern needed to some time to tend to child care then, perhaps, her deputy would assume a much greater role in the day-to-day, 24/7 running of the country. And so, my question would switch from ‘How do I feel about Jacinda Ardern at the tiller?’ to ‘How do I feel about her deputy at the helm?’ And that’s a perfectly reasonable question (in my opinion).

  4. 4


    As a media expert, you would have been pretty impressed by Ms Adern’s 1st press conference as Leader of the Labour Party? And if not, why not? :)

    A breath of fresh air in my opinion…

  5. At least having a child would give a real reason for yet another Woman’s Day profile.

  6. 6

    Why the fuss? It was a legitimate question.

  7. Perhaps have a look at the intent behind the question?

  8. Jacinders.. Just wait till she loses a glass slipper..