Brian Edwards Media

Going, Going, Nearly Gone!


OK, what we have now is a sale! You might call it a bargain basement sale. Or a reverse auction maybe where the price of the goods goes down with every bid. Let’s join the bidding.

‘Item 2017 on your programme, ladies and gentlemen, Running The Country. Can I get a starting bid of a zillion dollars? Gentleman with the blue tie. Thank you sir. Any retreat from a zillion dollars? Lady in the red dress. 500 million. Thank you madam. Any retreat from 500 million? Young man in the green jersey. A lifetime supply of mung beans. Thank you young man. Elderly gent with the dead cat. Five bucks. My goodness! Thank you sir. That’s going to be hard to beat. Dapper Gentleman smoking the cigarette. What’s that sir? Minus anything any of the others bid. And a partridge in a pear tree. But you’re willing to share Running The Country for the next 3 years with any of the previous bidders. Any further retreats? No? Final chance, ladies and gentlemen? Going, Going! Gone! That concludes the auction, ladies and gentlemen. If the gentleman smoking the cigarette will join me and the other bidders in a dimly lit back room, negotiations can begin.’


  1. You made me smile, Brian. Not much else about this election campaign has. Whichever of the possibilities comes to pass, I fear that we are in for a three-year bumpy ride with much inter-tribal conflict.

  2. I’ll trust the “Blue Tie”. Excellent, sensible, honest dress sense and sound opinions.

    The power dresser … the Shiela (Comrade) in the red dress has that scary wild eyed demeanor.Trust her … Nah!

    A dead set “No Brainer” …

  3. Polite enquiry Brian: Are you OK? Not a peep from your good self since “prior to the election”. I would welcome your incisive penetrating commentary. Cheers!