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She Gave Him His Due


Who won? Well, I’d give it to Ardern. But not by much. And not really because her arguments were more telling or she scored more points. Sporting analogies aren’t really my thing. I’m my own sports free zone. But for once I can’t find anything more apt to say than that, throughout the debate, Jacinda played the ball and not the man. And more than that, she was generous to her opponent. She gave him his due. SHE GAVE HIM HIS DUE! Wow! That’s not just new, that’s revolutionary. And inspiring. And probably unanswerable. Bring on the next debate!



  1. Playing the ball is what they don’t want, they want blood, big hits, a winner that plunges words like a sword into the guts of the loser. Jacinda’s modus operandi has them totally baffled.

    Gone strangely quiet here, all the usual commenters must be away on holiday.

  2. Giving him his due is so simple.I agree completely with this approach.Screaming matches may provide better entertainment. Well thought out discussions about the future of our country allow a practical rather than emotional solution to our future.
    Do I detect a change in Bills approach since the arrival of Jacinda?