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I Doff my Hat

Mike Hosking and Toni Street

I read that Mike Hosking and Toni Street are leaving TV1’s prime-time show Seven Sharp.

I’ve never been a fan of the somewhat brittle and abrasive Mr Hosking but I acknowledge his intelligence, interviewing skill and often caustic wit.

As for Toni Street, no-one could fail to be charmed by the warmth and generosity of her personality, her skill both as interviewer and occasional peacemaker and her good-humoured tolerance of her co-host. She came through the lens. And that is the highest compliment you can pay to any television broadcaster.

So we are losing a great and, I suspect, irreplaceable team. I doff my hat to them both. You will be missed. I will miss you.



  1. Hosking’s is a cheerleader for the Nats. Can’t support him there but he is somehow more listenable than Campbell. Strange old world we live in.

    What was that again Kimbo……….

  2. They really gelled in that slot.

    I have little affection for Hosking – esp. on radio: seems to me he would be happy with an audience of 1 as long as he could talk about himself for half of each broadcast. But I, too, doff me titfer to anyone who says “this is more greed than need”, and in a world where ego is currency, swaps a few hours off for half of their considerable salary.

    So. Barry and Wells? Wells and Henry???

  3. I don’t like Hosking’s propensity to talk “at” us rather than “to” us

    • Agreed. He’s an arrogant character. At least on radio one doesn’t have to tolerate the rear-tilted head, both nasal barrels aimed at one’s peepers, as he sneers his way through yet another opinion….

  4. Dont like Hosking or his arrogance.Brian a new gig for you?

  5. I agree, Brian. I liked them both. And I thought that they were a good combination: an opinionated poker of wasps’ nests; and a thoughtful defender of everyman (and every woman). But, that said, I hardly ever watch the programme. Mind you, TVNZ will not be losing much sleep over that. I’m old. I’m nobody’s target audience anymore.

  6. I can’t imagine how they’ll begin find another privileged middle right wing white male with a chip on his shoulder.

    • Good point. In the absence of an obvious candidate, which of your dubious qualities would you delete first, Sanctuary?

  7. A great, irreplaceable team? I’ll have whatever you’re having. Wasn’t Paul Holmes irreplaceable?

    • Who would want to replace someone who smirked at the camera, continually glanced to the side, stumbled over his lines and had trouble stringing a coherent sentence together?
      Come to think of it, those are the reasons you would replace him.
      They should replace Hosking with someone completely different, too.

  8. A guy intoxicated by his own conceit.
    Miss him?
    Like a cold sore.

    • Or, as Disraeli put it, “Inebriated with the exuberance of his own verbosity, and gifted with an egotistical imagination.”