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On the Death of Pat Booth

Pat Booth

I got to know Pat well when we were both teaching in the journalism course at AUT. Like me, Pat hated meetings and did his very best to disrupt them with humorous asides. Usually with considerable success. My favourite example is of a debate on the future of semiotics in the curriculum. Pat’s contribution was to the effect that they should be sent back to wherever they’d come from. I wholeheartedly agreed. But behind the humour there was a highly principled journalist and an honest man, devoted to his calling and the truth. His role in the Arthur Allan Thomas case is itself testament to that. I am privileged to have known you, Pat. I doubt you will be resting in peace – far too much unfinished business: truths to be told, wrongs to be righted. Cheers mate!



  1. “unfinished business” “wrongs to be righted”

    Well, how about someone picking up Pats baton and sorting the Scott Watson case and its debacle of justice.

  2. Nothing greater than a journalist chasing a case and securing justice for the wronged party.I only know of him through his journalism, but have no doubt the world is poorer with his loss.

  3. Just read a note written by Pat for his family in which sets out his career in journalism with characteristic humility and brevity. Bet you didn’t know he was the person who broke the news of Hillary’s ascent of Everest to Ed’s parents while on the Hawera Star. As the saying goes…that was just the beginning. A great man who will be looking for stories in heaven.

  4. Lovely post Brian. Indeed, a wonderful person.

  5. Courageous, determined and empathetic, RIP Pat Booth.