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Lunacy and Appalling PR from Air New Zealand

Lee Shelton - TVNZ

Lee Shelton - TVNZ







If you want to know how not to handle a complaint to Fair Go, you could scarcely do better than check out the extraordinary story of Lee Shelton’s attempts to get Air New Zealand to make a minor change to his flight arrangements for a return trip to China.

Lee had booked a domestic Air New Zealand flight from Wellington to Auckland where he would join an international Air New Zealand flight to Beijing. But some time after booking the flights he changed his job and moved to Auckland. So he phoned Air New Zealand to cancel the Wellington-Auckland leg and tell them he would be checking in for the international flight at Auckland. Very reasonable.

Air New Zealand didn’t think so. Lee would have to pay a penalty for making the change to his travel arrangements. He was then offered three options:

1. He could cancel and rebook the entire journey for a fee of $500

2. He could buy a new one-way ticket to Wellington and catch the original flight back to Auckland. Read the rest of this entry »