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When Business and Decency Conflict (includes my nomination for Asshole of the Year – so far.)

Now just in case you missed it, please start by reading this report from Bernard Orsman in last Monday’s Herald

Now take a look at what the editor of the Ponsonby News, John Elliot, had to say in a column in the most recent edition: Herne Bay Shattered by Landlord’s Callousness.   

‘… their landlord, Jon Sandler, has not only refused to renew their lease, but left it to the last possible moment to tell Geraldine the bad news . “Be out by 31 August” was his last edict. The legality around this will be handled by lawyers… It is the sheer inhumanity of the action that beggars belief.

‘Up and down the street, which is my local neighbourhood precinct, shopkeepers whom I respect have scurrilous things to say about Jon Sandler. Sharon Watson, owner of Toi Toi Florists just up the road from Herne Bay Pharmacy, used to be a tenant of Sandler’s. She is vitriolic in her criticism of how he treated her before she got out and started in new premises. It may well be that this man dots the  i’s and crosses the t’s legally , but the question is whether he always acts honourably in his business dealings.

‘My guess is that a new chemist shop, with Jon Sandler’s personal involvement, will struggle for local customers, who know how he treats his tenants.

‘Jon Sandler may be rich and getting richer, but as it says in the Bible, “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.” It may be very hot where he is going. ‘

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