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Curmudgeon Comments on Cafe Crimes in Ponsonby/Herne Bay

We went for lunch today to one of our favourite haunts, the Blake Street Cafe in Ponsonby. A pleasant atmosphere and wonderful food cooked by owner/chef Shelley. The place was packed with only one table free in a rather dark corner, not really to our liking on a sunny but miserably cold day. Co-owner and maitre d’, Andre, who has the extraordinary good fortune to be married to Shelley, suggested we take that table until another came free. Shouldn’t be long, a couple of late-middle-aged matrons occupying a table for four had long since finished their coffee and were obviously on the point of leaving.

Another couple were hovering waiting for a table to come free. They hovered and we waited. The late-middle-aged matrons chatted away over their empty coffee cups, seemingly oblivious to the hovering and waiting diners. They chatted and chatted and chatted. We waited and waited and waited while the other couple hovered and hovered and hovered.  And the late-middle-aged matrons chatted and chatted and chatted some more.

Finally, as sometimes happens in cafes, more or less everyone, including the late-middle-aged matrons, got up to pay their bills and leave.  Suddenly there were lots of tables.

You’ll gather that this sort of inconsiderate behaviour really gets up my curmudgeonly nose. I don’t suggest that anyone should have to flee a restaurant or cafe the very second they’ve downed their last drop of wine or coffee. But to go on hogging a table in a busy cafe long after you’ve finished your meal is just bloody selfish. Read the rest of this entry »