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“Our kids buy a car on Trade Me and get ripped off in a big way” – The Story, One Year On

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On the second of March 2012, I wrote a post entitled ‘Our kids buy a car on Trade Me and get ripped off in a big way.’ That story came to its conclusion three days ago, on the second of March 2012, exactly one year later. To understand what has gone on in that year, I’m afraid you’ll have to read the original post first. But it’s an instructive story that may serve as a warning to others.

First the dramatis personae (the cast):

*Jon Horvath, the original owner of the car, who sold it to Erkan, with $7,000 odd owing to the finance company, Debt Works, some of it presumably in penalty fees.

*Erkan turned out to be Erkan Kilic. Mr Kilic comes from Turkey. He was, he would later claim, selling the car on behalf of one of his countrymen, whose name was Onur Ozbal.

*Onur Ozbal, the actual owner of the car, then living in Australia.

*Anil Ozbal, Onur’s brother. It was Anil whom Quentin met when he went to uplift the car and hand over his $3,700. Anil handed him a scrap of paper with  the car details, price and Onur’s name on it. Anil then signed Onur’s name on the paper which Quentin took away as a receipt.

The car was repossessed roughly six months later. Of the four options which Quentin and Livy then faced to get the car or their money back, they opted to take a case to the Disputes Tribunal, which we used to call the Small Claims Court.  This wasn’t entirely straightforward since they weren’t entirely sure who ‘Erkan’  was and Trade Me wasn’t about to tell them without evidence that a crime had been committed. Read the rest of this entry »