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The Ignoble Sport of Boxing


Photo: One News

Photo: One News

‘I’m willing to die for what’s about to take place.’  So said David Tua about his heavyweight boxing fight tonight with Nigerian Friday Ahunanya.

I wondered what it was that Tua was ‘willing to die for’ – money, fame, glory? Or the many further opportunities to be ‘willing to die’ which the pathway to the heavyweight championship of the world and, if he reaches that goal, the ongoing defence of that title, will offer him.

There can be nobility in being willing to die for a cause – the protection of one’s family, friends, country, of liberty or democracy. But there seems to be little nobility, or indeed sense, in deliberately putting oneself in harm’s way, in being ‘willing to die’ for money, fame, glory or the victor’s belt.  Read the rest of this entry »