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Down With Dogs! (Revisited)



The following letter to the editor appeared in yesterday’s Herald:

In reference to the article about the cat shot near Queenstown, I would like to commend Sergeant Linda Evans for her common-sense handling of the incident. If the owners of cats allow their animals to roam unrestricted over other people’s property, there is no way of telling a pet from a feral one.  This country is infested with cats and it is high time owners were made to register them, put collars on them and keep them in at night. Any others could then be trapped and eradicated. Why should we have to put up with cat excrement being deposited on our lawns, flower beds, and vegetable gardens night after night? The worst offender is the SPCA with its policy of rehoming the thousands of unwanted cats each year. Cats are flea-ridden and carry disease that is harmful to humans. It is time they were controlled and their owners made to take responsibility for their pets, the way dog owners are. Pip Worliedge, Tauranga

I will come to what Mr/Ms Warlike has written later. But first, my Burmese cats, Max and Felix, have requested that I avenge this slight on their species by republishing  a column I wrote years ago when Judy and I were living in Eastbourne. It is called Down with Dogs! Read the rest of this entry »