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Why I have no qualms about the assassination of Osama Bin Laden

For anyone who believes in  the rule of law the assassination– for that is what it was –  of Osama Bin Laden by American navy SEALS in Pakistan, raises serious questions about the legal, ethical and strategic justification of the exercise. American troops on foreign soil execute an accused person without benefit of arrest, trial, legal defence or a legitimate verdict of guilt.  

As a committed opponent of the death penalty and someone horrified by Simon Power’s prolonged assault here at home on the rights of defendants in criminal trials, I  know this ought to bother me. But it doesn’t.

I’m with the cheering crowds of New Yorkers at Ground Zero. I rejoice with them at the removal from this earth of a purely evil creature who premeditatedly planned, directed, celebrated and boasted of the long-range slaughter of thousands of civilians – men, women and children. My response, and the response of those celebrating at Ground Zero and around the world, is the entirely  normal human response of the fellow citizens, families and friends of those thousands of civilians and of anyone who abhors the premeditated and careless taking of innocent lives.   Read the rest of this entry »