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Family First’s Latest “Family Issues Survey” is on the Web now – Read it and Weep


NZ Herald

[Some hours after this post was published, the survey was removed from the Family First site.]

 Family First’s  2011 opinion poll, Family Issues Survey 2011, is now online. There are 28 questions. Each question invites one of these responses: 

  • Strongly Agree
  • Agree
  • Neutral
  • Disagree
  • Strongly Disagree
  • Undecided/Not Sure  

Here are the 28 questions: 

 1. (Marriage)  New Zealand should develop policies that encourage a cultural shift towards a lifelong exclusive commitment expressed in marriage e.g. subsidised pre-marriage and marriage counselling. Amend welfare and tax systems to eliminate marriage penalties and disincentives to marriage. 

2.  (Definition of Marriage) New Zealand should protect marriage as being one man – one woman. 

3.  (Parenting) New Zealand should recognise that parents have primary responsibility for nurturing, raising and educating children. Governments should respect and support the exercise of parental responsibilities. 

4.   (Childcare) New Zealand should provide greater flexibility for parents to choose the best child care arrangements for them. End discrimination against stay-home parents i.e. funding only going to Early Childhood Education. 

5.  (Anti-Smacking Law) New Zealand should scrap the anti-smacking law. Amend the law to state explicitly that parents who give their children a smack that is reasonable and for the purpose of correction are not breaking the law. 

6.  (Sex Education) New Zealand should promote age-appropriate sex education which is values based, increase funding of abstinence education, and provide support and resources for parents to be primary educators of their child’s sex education.

7.  (Adoption) New Zealand should allow only married couple adoption – not de facto, same sex or single adoption. 

8.  (Government) New Zealand should replace the offices of Children’s Commissioner and Families Commission with a Minister of Families in Cabinet to advocate, research, and oversee family-based policies and the impact of legislation on families. 

9.  (Child Abuse) New Zealand should establish a non-political Commission of Inquiry to understand and address the wider causes of family breakdown, family violence and child abuse in NZ. 

10.  (CYF Complaints Authority) New Zealand should establish an independent CYF (Child Youth and Family) Complaints Authority, similar to the Police Complaints Authority, to hear complaints about CYF from families who feel they have been unfairly treated, and to safeguard against abuse of state power. 

11.   (Welfare) New Zealand should change welfare payments to include vouchers which limit spending on alcohol, tobacco, gambling and other expenses which detract from the needs of the children. 

12.   (Income Splitting) New Zealand should allow income-splitting for married couples for tax purposes (optional for families to enter in to).

13.   (Abortion) New Zealand should change the law to acknowledge the humanity / personhood of the unborn child from conception and protect that unborn children throughout the entire duration of pregnancy. 

14.  (Informed Consent) New Zealand should introduce a ‘Woman’s Right to Know’ law. This law would require doctors, who are independent from abortion providers, to inform women seeking an abortion of the medical risks and all the consequences of and alternatives to the procedure so that a woman is fully informed.

15.  (Parental Notification) -New Zealand should have automatic parental notification in cases of teenage pregnancy, teen abortions and other medical procedures except in exceptional circumstances approved by the court.  

16.   (Stem Cell Research) New Zealand should promote adult stem cell research, and oppose embryonic stem cell research. 

17.  (Euthanasia) New Zealand should oppose euthanasia – and increase resourcing of hospices and palliative care. 

18.  (Loan Sharks)  New Zealand should introduce stricter regulations on ‘loan sharks’ including capped interest rates and registration. 

19.  (Gaming Machines)  New Zealand should introduce a nationwide ‘sinking lid’ policy on gaming machines (the gradual reduction in numbers of machines). 

20.  (Prostitution) New Zealand should amend the Prostitution Reform Act to prosecute the buyer, provide resources and incentives to help prostitutes out of the industry, and criminalise the act of pimping and brothel keeping. 

21.  (Drinking Age) New Zealand should raise the drinking / purchasing age to 21. 

22.  (Law and Order) New Zealand should maintain the ‘Three Strikes’ legislation. 

23.  (Internet Filtering) New Zealand should introduce compulsory ISP filtering of pornography so that children do not stumble across or deliberately access internet pornography at home, school or public libraries.. 

24.  (Media Standards) New Zealand should develop and enforce higher standards for TV, film, radio and advertising content including levels of violence, sexual content and objectionable language. This includes greater community and family representation on the Broadcasting and Advertising Standards Authorities and Censorship Board with regular changing of board members after limited terms of office to avoid desensitization or lack of accountability. 

25.  (Public Indecency) New Zealand should amend the Crimes Act to clearly define ‘indecent acts’ in order to prevent public nudity and events such as “Boobs on Bikes” 

26.  (Sexualisation of Young People) New Zealand should introduce stricter controls to prevent the sexualisation of children through marketing and media. 

27.  (ETS) New Zealand should scrap the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

28.  (Referendums) New Zealand should adopt binding Referendums which requires Parliament to pass laws in accordance with the result of a citizens’ initiated referendum. 


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Survey Shows Andrew Williams Top Choice for Mayor of Super City


Pic: TV3


Confused about you should vote for as Mayor of the new Super City? Well, Family First has come to your rescue with the results of a simple questionnaire to the leading candidates, published in a full-page ad in today’s Herald.  The results make it absolutely clear that there really is no other possible option for upright and decent citizens to choose than the current North Shore Mayor, Andrew Williams. Let me explain why: 

John Banks, Len Brown, Andrew Williams, Colin Craig and Simon Prast were given 10 questions to answer. They could respond to the questions in one of three ways: Yes, Not Sure/Maybe or No. If they answered Yes, they got a white smiley face; if they answered Not Sure/Maybe, they got (appropriately) a grey, neutral face; If they answered No, they got a black, scowly face. 

Here are the 10 questions: 

*AFFORDABLE HOUSING  Will you take the lead to amend zoning restrictions to free up land so as to lower costs of housing for first-home buyers? 

*ALCOHOL OUTLETS  Will you introduce bylaws and lobby for the restriction of alcohol outlets in residential areas and reduce the number of licences issued and trading hours? 

*BILLBOARDS   Will you introduce bylaws and lobby for G-rated public billboards with a pre-vetting system? 

*BROTHELS   Will you introduce and lobby for bylaws restricting brothels in residential areas and close to sensitive sites such as schools, kindergartens, playgrounds and shopping areas frequented by families and children? 

*FACILITIES FOR FAMILY EVENTS   Will you introduce a bylaw preventing the hireage and use of Council owned buildings and facilities for R-rated events? 

*GST ON RATES   Will you campaign for parliament to remove GST on rates? 

*LOAN SHARKS   Will you lobby the government for greater regulation of loan sharks – especially those targeting lower socio-economic areas – including capped interest rates and registration? 

*POKIES  Will you introduce and lobby for a reducing lid policy on pokie machines, especially in low socio-economic areas? 

*PUBLIC NUDITY/MARCHES   Will you lobby the government to clarify offensive behaviour under the Crimes Act in order to prevent parades involving nudity and/or offensive behaviour eg boobs on bikes, beach nudity? 

*STREET PROSTITUTION   Will you introduce and lobby for bylaws to ban street prostitution? 

Now to try to work out who came out best, I’ve given three points for each smiley face, two for each neutral face and one for each scowly face. 

And the results – from worst to best, so as to create maximum tension – are: 

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