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Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee says Christchurch Casino could re-open on different site. Why bother?

‘Hundreds of staff at the quake-damaged Christchurch casino, who have been given the stark choice of taking redundancy or unpaid leave, were given a small ray of hope by Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee who indicated the business could reopen. Casino licences were geographically specific, but Mr Brownlee said the Earthquake Recovery Bill could give the flexibility for the premises to move.’  New Zealand Herald 2/4/2011

If you were one of the 500 casino employees whose livelihood is at stake you would have regarded this story as good news. I understand that. But my reaction to the story was that the best place to move this and every other casino in the country was to anywhere but here. Yes, a lot of people would be looking for work, but a far greater number of lives would be saved from destruction and despair.

My view on casinos has not changed since I wrote this intro to a Top of the Morning programme 15 years ago:

Went to the opening of the casino on Thursday. I didn’t really want to go, but sheer nosiness and the fact that She Who Must Be Obeyed had a wonderful new dress, which just begged to be seen by 3,000 other people, won the day.

 It’s hard to find precisely the right word to describe the evening, the ‘mot juste’ as the French, who have now stopped nuclear testing and may be referred to again in civilised society, say. ‘Disappointing’ springs to mind, along with ‘dreary, dull, drab, tasteless, tacky, sickening and stupid’.

On the plus side, the parking was excellent, the street entertainments were fun and everyone who works for the casino has been taught to wish you a very nice evening every time you made eye-contact.   Read the rest of this entry »