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Goodbye Cafe/Coffee Life!

As an Irishman I am genetically predisposed to be a tea-drinker. Before coming to New Zealand 46 years ago the closest thing to coffee that had ever crossed my lips was that glutinous brown mix of chicory essence (26%),  coffee essence (4%),  sugar and water, called Camp Coffee. As the ingredients suggest, the relationship between Camp Coffee and real coffee was distant, but it was all you could get in post-war Ulster and kids like me drank this sickly concoction, sweetened with more sugar, with relish.

So I arrived in New Zealand a coffee virgin. Not only did I not like the stuff, but I had brought with me the Irish working-class prejudice towards what we considered a snob’s drink.

In that near half-century, I have developed a taste not for ‘real’ coffee, which the cognoscenti tell me can only be a short or long black, but for that pleasant and innocuous milky drink, the flat white.

Each fine morning, Judy and I take our morning constitutional around the highways and byways of the coffee capitals of New Zealand – Ponsonby, Grey Lynn  and Herne Bay. We walk for between an hour and an hour and a half, before ordering two flat whites (and the occasional biscotti) at one of the district’s proliferating cafes. (Three new ones have opened in the last month in Jervois Road alone.)

But this is all about to change. Yesterday I approached the counter in one of my favourite cafes and ordered ‘the usual’ and two biscotti from the charming owner. (I display, you’ll observe all the standard pretensions of a regular customer.) I had my $9 ready in my hand – $7 for the two flat whites and $2 for the two biscotti.   Read the rest of this entry »