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Down With Work! (Why lethargy is the key to longevity.)

We spend too much time working and too little time not working. Our periods of employment are too long and our holidays too short. We have got things totally out of perspective. It’s absurd that we devote 48 weeks of the year to our jobs and only four to leisure. It’s preposterous that we take only two days off in seven. No wonder we’re all falling apart at the seams.

We’re being brainwashed literally to death by the purveyors  of the work ethic, by those who believe in the nobility of toil and the sinfulness of sloth. We’ve been intimidated by their moralising self-righteousness, browbeaten by their puritanical spartanism, seduced by their appointment-diary ethics.

People increasingly justify their existence in terms of their workloads:

‘You wouldn’t believe how busy we are at the moment.’

‘I’d love to, but I really don’t think I can fit it in.’

 ‘Things are just crazy at the office.’

 ‘Couldn’t possibly make it before Friday week. The diary’s simply chocka.’

 ‘A holiday? Maybe next year. I’m already up to here. You know  how it is.’

People now boast about being overworked in the same way they used to boast about getting drunk. ‘Boy, did I hang one on last night!’ Yet it makes about as much sense to admire people who are  driving themselves to an early grave through stress and hypertension as it does to admire people who are pickling their livers.  Read the rest of this entry »