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From the website that gave you the solution to Kiwi unemployment, how to fix the international economy!

Ivan ponders his solution to the world economic crisis over wine and cheese in the South of France

My old friend, Ivan Strahan (I use the word ‘old’ advisedly – we were at school together.) is a devotee of this website. He emails me occasionally from his home in the charming little seaside town of Donaghadee in County Down where he lives with his lovely wife Claire. The purpose of his emails is usually to put me right on some arcane point of Medieval French syntax or Greco-Roman architecture or to engage in that most delightful of old men’s pleasures – complaining about one’s health.

Occasionally, however, he takes issue with something I have written. This was the case with one of my recent posts,  I devise a failsafe recipe for full employment – lower the Minimum Wage! (with thanks to John Key),  in which I proposed lowering the New Zealand minimum wage to $2 an hour. Ivan saw this as little more than barely disguised Socialism and an entirely feeble response not only to New Zealand’s but to the world’s economic woes. Though he doubted that it would receive widespread acceptance, he had, he claimed, come up with a brilliant solution to the economic ills that beset the planet. I reproduce it here without comment.


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