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If The Aussies Can Do It, Why Can’t We? [From Sunny Sydney]


The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has a weekly 10-minute media commentary programme called Media Watch. On this week’s programme host Jonathan Holmes had fun with a Channel 10 reporter who referred to the ‘crucification’ of Jesus Christ, which Holmes called ‘an excellent example of the gradual crucifixion of the English language’, and a female ABC newsreader who, referring to ‘Maoist rebels in central India’, pronounced the word ‘Maoist’ as ‘may-o-ist’. Holmes gleefully pointed out that Chairman Mao had been around for quite a long time and was pretty well known and this wasn’t how his name was pronounced.

In the next story the ABC was castigated for failing to properly conceal the addresses of petitioners on behalf of a transsexual man who was fighting for the right to have the gender on his birth certificate changed. To make matters worse,  the channel had also failed to properly conceal his address, leaving him terrified of sightseers or other undesirables coming to his home. Read the rest of this entry »