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Melissa Meets the Mob







The New Zealand Herald published this letter from me today:

‘How tragic that the Auckland University student body can think of no better way to express disagreement than to boo, shout down and abuse a speaker. If Melissa Lee’s comments about South Auckland were stupid and offensive, they were outdone by the Hitler moustache and the word ‘racist’ scrawled across her photograph. As it happens, Ms Lee made no reference in her earlier remarks to any race, so the presumption that the ‘criminals’ she was referring to must be Maori or Pacific Islanders comes entirely from them. I would have thought that makes them the true racists. If I lived in Mt Albert, I would, needless to say, be voting for David Shearer. But I think Melissa Lee deserves points for fronting up to this mindless rabble. You are, ladies and gentlemen, a disgrace to your university.’ Read the rest of this entry »


Shearer & Lee on Q&A








TV One’s Q&A not only continues to provide discursive and intelligent  coverage of New Zealand politics but is making much of the political news itself. Check out the metropolitan press any Monday and you’ll find two or three stories credited to the previous morning’s programme. Journalistically Q&A is putting the papers to shame.

Yesterday’s programme featured Paul Holmes interviewing Wanganui MP Chester Burrows and Wanganui mayor Michael Laws on the legislation brokered by Burrows to ban the wearing of gang patches in the city’s CBD and public areas.  Both are articulate and persuasive advocates of  the new law, but the really interesting thing about the debate was that it revealed an entirely different Michael Laws to the frequently irrational, often hysterical and occasionally crazed columnist in the Sunday Star Times. This Michael Laws was both temperate and rational in his opinions and much the better for it.

What this may demonstrate is a point I make in an earlier blog that balanced opinion is the last thing newspaper editors want from their columnists. Getting up the noses of the hoi polloi sufficiently to provoke them into penning irate letters to the editor is the order of the day. Read the rest of this entry »


Meg Misses Out… for now!

Meg BatesThe powers-that-be this afternoon selected David Shearer as Labour’s candidate in the Mt Albert by-election. I’m told that Meg Bates was the outstanding speaker on every occasion when the nominees for selection faced an audience. Those, I guess, are the breaks in party politics. I wish Mr Shearer well. There seems little doubt that he will be a good candidate. But keep your eye on Meg. At 24 she already has the makings of a future Labour Prime Minister. Trust me, having worked closely with Helen Clark for 12 years, I know a winner when I see one. And Meg will be a winner.


Mt Albert Musings

In his column in today’s Sunday Herald Matt McCarten accuses Labour Leader Phil Goff and the Labour Party hierarchy of ‘a stunning display of political cowardice’ for having ‘kneecapped’ list MP Phil Twyford in his bid to be selected as Labour candidate in the Mt Albert by-election.

McCarten’s argument is that Labour bosses were so fearful of a return to Parliament by Judith Tizard that they persuaded Twyford to fall on his sword, possibly with the promise of the Auckland Central nomination in 2011. With the departure of Helen Clark, I no longer have the inside gen on the Labour Party, but McCarten’s thesis at least sounds plausible. Read the rest of this entry »