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The Shower Scene from Psycho



Alfred Hitchcock gave us one of the most famous scenes in cinema history in Psycho. The Shower Scene has been the subject of endless essays, articles and rumours.

Some of the facts are still in dispute – for example, Hitchcock and actress Janet Leigh both insisted that she didn’t use a body double in the scene. Others disputed this, and there’s an interesting Guardian article by Will Hodgkinson which seems to give credence to the idea that this was simply a ploy to gain more publicity for the film. A naked star is worth a lot more column inches than a naked no-name.

Anthony Perkins, however, was doubled for the entire scene – he was in New York rehearsing a play.

The scene itself was shot in black and white for effect, as indeed was the entire film. It only increases the suspense and the horror.  The scene is less than two minutes long, but contains over 70 edits and took seven days to film. The ‘blood’ is chocolate syrup (sorry if I’m shattering some illusions here).

So – here it is. It stands the test of time. The old master at his best.