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Entire Script of Final Episode of ‘Outrageous Fortune’ found at Henderson Tip!



A copy of the complete script of the final episode of Outrageous Fortune was discovered this morning by a vagrant fossicking through the Henderson tip.  In  an extraordinary piece of serendipity, the vagrant turned out to be a close relative of mine and passed the script on to me. He naturally expected a reward, so I gave him the money for a trim flat white and sent him on his way. My offer to return the script unread to South Pacific Pictures in return for a part as a gynaecologist in Shortland Street was rejected, so I am publishing the main points of the script here:  Read the rest of this entry »


Reflections on the F-Word

images1Warning! This post contains frequent and explicit use of the F-word. If you are offended by seeing this word in print, either by itself or in combination with other words, you would be best not to read on. Otherwise:   Read the rest of this entry »