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It’s Time to Ban the Pit Bull and all its Relatives


Photo: Brett Phibbs

Another kiddie mauled by a Pit Bull! We’re slow learners in New Zealand, aren’t we? It doesn’t matter how many children have their faces torn off, how many adults are ripped to pieces, we still think it should be legal to own dangerous breeds like  the American Pit Bull Terrier, the  Dogo Argentino, the Brazilian Fila and the American Tosa.  It shouldn’t. All of these breeds should be banned and there should be heavy penalties for owning them. Want the facts about the Pit Bull? Well here they are:  

The Pit Bull was originally developed in the United States. Its breeding characteristics were strength, aggression and the ability to fight. Not surprising really, since that was the purpose for which the dog was being bred – to fight other dogs.  

All of this was known 23 years ago, when an ad in the Herald offered New Zealanders imported Pit Bull puppies for sale. The Auckland SPCA opposed the importation of the breed, on the grounds that the dogs were dangerous and unpredictable. It was unsuccessful.   Read the rest of this entry »