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Take Two Washers and Call Me in the Morning


 My dear friend Ivan Strahan and his gorgeous wife Claire, who live in Donaghadee,  have both been unwell and have found themselves thrown upon the tender mercies  of the medical profession. Since they are understandably feeling a bit low, I thought I would send them this column, which I wrote 23 years ago for what was then the Dominion Sunday Times,  to cheer them up. A case perhaps of  ‘Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose’.

Take Two Washers and Call Me in the Morning

A case for Fair Go.

Mrs Green, an elderly widow, calls Jones the plumber to fix a leaking tap in the bathroom. Jones arrives. He is wearing crisp, clean overalls, has an agreeable manner and gives every appearance of knowing what he’s doing. Mrs Green leaves him to it.

He emerges from the bathroom half an hour later, says, ‘Let’s see how that goes,’ and proceeds to write an account for $47 – labour, materials, callout, mileage and GST.

‘Give us a call if you’ve any further trouble,’ he says as he pockets the cheque, and drives off into the night.

‘What a nice man,’ thinks Mrs Green as she opens the bathroom door. The tap is still leaking.  Read the rest of this entry »