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Whatever happened to the friendly postie (postwoman)?


Every now and then an old cynic like me – the sort of person who says most Kiwi voters are as thick as two short planks – has his faith in humanity restored. It happened today.

Every morning, weather permitting, Judy and I go for a walk around Herne Bay/ Ponsonby/Grey Lynn. The walk usually takes between an hour and an hour-and-a-half and ends with two flat whites and a biscotti. By now we know every shop, house and letterbox in the district. And everyone knows us.

Of the 90-odd minutes, at least ten are spent talking to and stroking the purebreds and moggies who populate the district. Like the humans, we know them and they know us.

Walking round Marine Drive this morning we encountered an unusual sight. A postie had parked her bike against a fence and was engaged in conversation (and tummy rubbing) with an ecstatic ocecat whose name was apparently Ossie. (I hope I’ve got that right – purebreds are so particular!)     Read the rest of this entry »