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Hug a Parking Officer Today



How can you tell it’s winter? ¬†It’s the only time lawyers have their hands in their own pockets.

I was reminded of this hoary old joke by the front-page story in today’s Weekend Herald:

SUSPENDED  The lawyer who billed taxpayers $1 MILLION

Nothing wrong with the story. An Auckland criminal law barrister has received more than $1 million in legal aid payments over the past three years. And she has been suspended by the Legal Services Agency for allegedly over-billing.

But why was the story on the front page of the Weekend Herald and why the banner headline? Because lawyers are one of a group of professions and trades that we love to hate. And because being in tune with popular opinion is a hallmark of commercially successful media. So a story which appears to confirm the increasingly common view that lawyers are bilking the legal aid system is a sitter for front page treatment. Read the rest of this entry »