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Not getting the laughs? No worries, mate – just say f*** and c*** a lot!

My extremely intelligent two-year-old grandson, Johnny Rakai, recently invented his own naughty word – ‘poonana’. For several weeks he went around saying to everyone, ‘You’re a poonana!’ I was not excluded. ‘You’re a poonana, Grandad!’ He would burst out laughing and, for a while, so would we. After a time, of course, it ceased to be funny and we dealt with the situation in that infuriating adult way, by not being shocked and not laughing. Because he is extremely intelligent, Johnny Rakai quickly read the omens and moved on.

Watching last night’s comedy train-wreck Roast of Mike King on Comedy Central I was reminded of Johnny Rakai’s ‘poonana’ – infantile, intended to shock, clever in a two-year-old. I’d prefer to leave the comparison there; anything further would be an insult to my grandson.

If you were fortunate enough to have missed last night’s show, I should tell you that Mike King was ‘roasted’ by Brendan Lovegrove, Michelle A’Court, Jeremy Elwood, Andrew Clay, Dean Butler, Jan Maree and host Willy de Wit.

There were some clever lines, some demonstrations of wit in the programme, but they were few and far between, host, roasters and roastee preferring to rely on peppering everything they said with ‘fuck’, ‘fucking’, ‘cunt’ and jokes about one another’s vaginas, ‘tits’ and ‘cocks’. I didn’t count, but the number of times these words and references were made over the 45 minutes of air time, must have run into the hundreds. This is the template provided by the American version of the show.  Read the rest of this entry »