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A Persuasive Defence of Robin Bain

David Bain’s defence team will have to do rather better than arrogantly dismissing Bryan Bruce’s findings in last night’s documentary on the Bain killings as ‘a load of old rubbish’.

There is general agreement that either David or his father Robin were responsible for the killings. There is no other suspect.

If David is indeed innocent, then what we are asked to believe is that on the morning of June 20, 1994 Robin Bain slaughtered four members of his family, including his 14-year-old son, Stephen, who fought desperately for his life. Robin then shot himself in the temple with the rifle he had used to kill the others. Despite this bloodbath, his hands, clothes and footwear were almost entirely free of blood, what blood there was did not come from any member of his family,  and his fingerprints were not found anywhere on the rifle.

Like Bruce, I find this scenario improbable.  Read the rest of this entry »