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Why I want to change the rules of netball and what it has to do with Maria Tutaia and the Rugby World Cup.


 In the last couple of weeks I’ve watched three international rugby matches, from the superb choir singing the national anthems, to the final interviews with the winning and losing captains. You may think this is barely worth mentioning. Tens of thousands of Kiwis are doing the same thing. But it’s remarkable for me. And it’s even more remarkable that I found myself shouting abuse at Welsh referee Nigel Owens when he red-carded Samoan fullback Paul Williams. ‘Get some glasses, boyo, and a pair for your half-blind assistant while you’re at it!’  I don’t normally behave like this. Wild horses wouldn’t get me to a rugby match.

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The problem is that I’ve got a low boredom threshold. There’s too much time in rugby spent falling down in a heap and pushing and shoving,  and not enough time spent hurtling diagonally across the paddock towards the opponents’ goal line or landing an impossible kick between the uprights. Though I abhor violence, a bit of biffo can be quite entertaining as well.

No, my  sporting heroes are not Richie McCaw or Dan Carter or Sonny Bill Williams or Ma’a Nonu or Richard Kahui or… well, you get the picture. My sporting heroes are Casey Williams and Temepara George and Laura Langman and Anna Scarlett and Maria Tutaia and Irene van Dyk and Ruth Aitken of course. I’m a netball freak.   Read the rest of this entry »