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And the award goes to….. Award Shows!

I just love award shows – BAFTAs, Emmys, Oscars, Golden Globes, SAGs – it makes no difference. After 10 minutes a yawning Judy has declared she can’t take any more of this sick-making rubbish and is off to bed. Me, I’m still there at 1am, waiting for the biggie. Drum roll and trumpets please! And the winner is…

Of course I already know who the winner is, because there was no spoiler alert either on TV1 or TV3 News and Judy wasn’t fast enough to the mute button on the MySky remote – another good reason why women should be banned from ‘remote control’ without first passing a driving test.

I hear the newsreader saying: ‘A clean sweep for The King’s English at this year’s SAG Awards with the movie taking the prize for best picture and Colin Firth carrying off the award for best actor.’  Grrrrrrr!

Still, it doesn’t really make any difference. Finding out who wins isn’t the point of the exercise. My four or five hours glued to the box constitute anthropological research – the science of human social and cultural behaviour and its development – at the highest level. This is the human zoo in action: how will the presenters, the winners and losers behave? Will they be better than the presenters, winners and losers last year? Can we find evidence of evolution at the Emmys, of original thought at the Oscars, of genome growth at the Golden Globes? Or did God, as many of them believe, create the actor in His own image – perfect, immutable, not capable of improvement?  Read the rest of this entry »