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Short People Are Just The Same As You And I


I’m beginning to feel just a little bit sorry for the President of France. Poor Mr Sarkozy, France’s answer to Ronnie Corbett, is only 5’6″. There, you see, while pretending sympathy, I’m already making an unflattering comparison. But my sympathy is actually genuine. I do feel sorry for him. Being a short man is difficult enough, but being the short leader of a great country is an intolerable imposition.

You can see it clearly enough in the photograph of the French President with his wife Carla Bruni (5’9″), Michelle Obama (5’11”) and Barack Obama (6’2″). It’s not just that you can draw a perfectly straight downhill line from the top of the American President’s head, via the tops of Michelle and Carla’s heads, to the top of Nicolas’s head.   It’s not just that Nicolas is so obviously on tippy toes.  It’s the desperation in his face and the raised hand which seems to be saying, “Hello. Can you see me? I’m down here. Look at me please. Please look at me.” I find this a very sad picture.  Read the rest of this entry »