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An Interesting Moral Dilemma: Should Graham Henry have Insisted on Being Given a Ticket?

There was a time, believe it or  not, when drink-driving was not considered the unforgivable sin that it is today. If you were arrested for having a blood alcohol level well over the legal limit, your name was unlikely to appear in the paper. Nor would friends shun you. On the contrary, most would express sympathy for your bad luck in getting caught. A drink-driving conviction was almost a badge of honour.

I have never been a heavy drinker and consider myself a responsible driver. My half-century motoring history includes three tickets for speeding. I scraped a few bumpers but have never been involved in a major accident. Where driving is concerned, I’m a goodie-goodie. But… [I have told this story before, but in a different context.]

 … a couple of decades ago, I was stopped and breath-tested at 2am after a lengthy session with friends and the proprietor of Valerio’s restaurant in Parnell. Valerio had produced a bottle of his finest Grappa around midnight and we were all as pissed as newts. I am ashamed to say that the thought of not driving home never occurred to me.

To cut a long story short, the traffic cop asked me if I’d been drinking. I admitted to the usual ‘couple of glasses of wine’. He told me to get out of the car, an exercise I performed with difficulty. I was unsteady on my feet. He told me to blow into the breathalyser. I knew I was a goner.  Read the rest of this entry »


The Dangers of Discretion (Based on a Shameful True Story)

Photo: Dean Purcell

Photo: Dean Purcell

I was recently stopped at a police checkpoint in Ponsonby and breath-tested. I’d had a couple of glasses of wine with a meal and a small brandy with my coffee to follow. I didn’t expect to be over the limit or anywhere near the limit. And indeed I wasn’t.

If an experience I had many years ago, when we were somewhat less scrupulous about drinking and driving, is anything to go by, I could have had a great deal more to drink and still been under the limit.  

I’d had a rather fine dinner at Valerio’s in Parnell and been shouted to several grappa after the meal by our generous host. I was pissed as a newt. I would have asked Judy to drive, but she was  equally merry. It was 2am. Read the rest of this entry »