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Hanging’s too good for them! (I rule on humourless people.)

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Over the past three or four months I’ve made several appearances on The Paul Henry Show, theoretically in the role of informed media commentator. If you type ‘Paul Henry’ into the search box at the top of this page, you’ll find a number of seemingly contradictory posts on the controversial Mr Henry. They range from enthusiastic approval of his jbroadcasting skill to a call for his immediate sacking in the aftermath of ‘moustache-gate’, his mirth at the name of New Dehli’s Chief Minister, Sheila Dikshit, his description of Susan Boyle as ‘retarded’ and his offensive question to John Key as to whether the next Governor General after Anand Satyanand would look a bit more like a New Zealander.

I was right on both counts. Henry is a brilliant broadcaster who is never far from and occasionally crosses the line of acceptable broadcasting standards. I know I will regret having said this, but he’s also extremely bright.

Henry and I are of course politically poles apart. I stood as a Labour candidate in Miramar in 1972; he stood for National in the Wairarapa in 1999. And Judy and I were media advisors to Helen Clark for well over a decade. So there’s a bit of generally good-natured sparring between us on the morning show. A month ago, after he had described something I’d said about him as ‘vile’, I responded, ‘I like you Paul – when I am world dictator your death will be swift and painless.’  (I stole the line from one of my stepson’s T-shirts!)

This morning I told Paul that my appearances on his show were costing me my friends and cited an entirely fictional email from Helen Clark in New York warning me against any continued association with him. This gave Paul a wonderful opening to get stuck into the bullying, humourless bloody left. In response I felt obliged to withdraw my compliment of the previous month and inform him that I’d never actually liked him, though I very much liked his mother. Was he sure that this lovely woman really was his mother? It’s  quite a fun exchange.    Read the rest of this entry »


Why I liked Yehudi Menuhin (and Alan Duff) better than Kiri Te Kanawa

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In five years on National Radio’s Top of the Morning show, which older readers of this blog may remember, I interviewed over 750 nationally and internationally well-known people. The stroppiest was undoubtedly Alan Duff, but by the end of the interview I liked him very much. The least pleasant was Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, and by the end of the interview I disliked her intensely. Duff was hostile because, despite appearances, he is a very insecure person. Te Kanawa was unpleasant because she is a prima donna in both senses of the term and has such an elevated opinion of herself and of the respect which she believes she deserves, that she is contemptuous of lesser beings.  Read the rest of this entry »