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Total Arsehole!


This unelected bludger on the taxpayer has a basic salary of $160,000 a year (plus a raft of expenses) but thinks the woman who cleans his toilet shouldn’t complain about the pittance she’s paid or the prospect of losing her job.  “If she doesn’t want the job she should give it to someone else,” he says. What a total arsehole.

[1. Since this post was published Tau Henare has publicly apologised to the cleaners concerned. His apology should be accepted and taken into account in future comments on this matter.]

[2. I’ve just come across a comment by ‘my good friend’ Cameron Slater in which he accuses me of expressing ‘fake outrage’ on this matter. I’m not sure which psychic Cameron is employing to read my mind, but I can assure him that my outrage was, and is absolutely genuine. Maybe stick to the facts, Cameron, and abandon the pseudo psychology.]


When Hekia met Rachel – a sometime interviewer’s perspective.


I haven’t been blogging for the past ten days or so because I fractured a bone in my left hand and can’t type. It still hurts like hell but I’ve been drawn out of this enforced temporary retirement by my irritation over the attempts by the Right, led by National Party clown Tau Henare and assorted hangers-on in the blogosphere,  to make political capital out of two questions put to Education Minister Hekia Parata by my colleague on The Nation, Rachel Smalley.

I need to start by making one thing perfectly clear: I have not spoken to Smalley about this, nor have I informed TV3 Head of News and Current Affairs, Mark Jennings,  or The Nation’s producer, Richard Harman, of my intention to blog about the rights and wrongs of this issue.

I watched the Parata interview in the ‘green room’ at TV3 as it was being recorded and was hugely impressed by the Minister’s performance. When she returned to the green room to collect her belongings I said to her, “That was absolutely brilliant”. She smiled, thanked me and showed absolutely no sign of having been upset by Rachel’s question-line.

I had a similar conversation in the green room today with Judith Collins, who’d also faced some tough questioning from Rachel. “You are,” I said, “the consummate performer.”  Read the rest of this entry »