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I’m being divorced – by Telecom!

Dear Telecom

You may remember that I bought one of your WorldMode Roaming phones a couple of years back before Brian and I went to Europe. It was the latest technology and it cost me an arm and a leg, but it allowed me to happily text back and forth to New Zealand from the TGV and phone friends in France for less than using a local phone booth.

You’ve now been calling me regularly for months urging me to “upgrade” to the XT network. I’ve got very good reasons for turning down your kind offers. Here they are:

  • My GSM phone works in Vietnam. Brian’s nice new XT phone doesn’t.
  • My GSM phone works in Cambodia. Brian’s nice new XT phone doesn’t.
  • My GSM phone works in Rarotonga. Brian’s nice new XT phone doesn’t.

So far the only places we’ve been that Brian’s nice new XT phone has worked are Singapore, Sydney and Brisbane. (I’d say “Australia”, but one of our friends can’t get his nice new XT phone to work in Melbourne.) Read the rest of this entry »


‘Sometimes I wish I was still on Fair Go’ – A Farewell to Telecom



Judy and I recently got back from a week in Rarotonga. Sun, sea, sand, books, eating out, sleeping. Choice! Not one cloud on the horizon.  Well one: The only messages I could get on my (Telecom XT) mobile phone were  ‘Emergency Calls Only’ and ‘No Networks Detected’. And after a few hours, nothing at all. My mobile wouldn’t work in the Cook Islands. Judy and I rely on our mobile phones to keep us in touch with clients and bring us new business when we’re overseas. So being incommunicado isn’t good for the balance sheet.

The cloud was even bigger when we spent three weeks in Vietnam earlier this year. My (Telecom XT) mobile phone wouldn’t work there either. ‘Emergency Calls Only’, ‘No Networks Detected’… You get the picture.  When we got back from Vietnam Telecom replaced the ‘faulty’ sim card and said that would solve the problem. Clearly it didn’t.

And the explanation wasn’t all that convincing either. The phone worked perfectly well in New Zealand. It looked as though the XT system was the problem when you were overseas, not the sim card.

Or maybe it’s unreasonable to expect your phone to roam in remote places like Vietnam and the Cook Islands. But Melbourne isn’t remote, is it? I ask the question because when I was moaning to my close friend Joe about ‘bloody Telecom’ not working in Vietnam or the Cook Islands, he told me he’d just come back from Melbourne where his (Telecom XT) mobile phone wouldn’t work either.  And then Joe, a globetrotter, went on to list all the other countries where his phone wouldn’t work. Fortunately his partner is with Vodafone, so she at least got to hear from home. Read the rest of this entry »