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Relatives of victims of the Carterton balloon tragedy write to me about the Herald

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post highly critical of the Herald for its coverage of the Carterton balloon tragedy in which 11 people lost their lives. The tabloid had interviewed a clinical psychologist, one Barry Kirker, who speculated not only on what would have been going through the minds of the victims as they faced certain death but on how their friends and loved ones might be feeling as well.

The children who gave their parents a ride on the ill-fated balloon would, he said,  ‘be consumed with feelings of guilt and regret despite others telling them it was not their fault.  They would also be thinking that other family members would be blaming them for their parents’ deaths, even though that wouldn’t be true at all.’

Mr Kirker’s speculations also included the observation that ‘the scenario was similar to that of the 9/11 victims, and the terror attacks might have put the thought to jump in Chrisjan Jordaan’s and Alexis Still’s  minds.’

And, in case Herald readers were wondering who jumped first:

‘Mr Kirker said it would usually be the man who would take the lead in that situation and would suggest jumping from the basket to the woman.’

I expressed myself disgusted with the rank insensitivity of this piece of crass sensationalism. Most followers of this site agreed. Read the rest of this entry »


Miracle on Albert Street – HERALD TURNS INTO THE SUN!!!



A week or so back in ABSENCE OF SHOCK LEAVES READERS SHOCKED I suggested that our daily metropolitan newspapers were broadsheet in format but tabloid in content. I’m indebted to The Herald for so promptly providing me with incontrovertible evidence to back up my claim. Today’s front page titillates readers with:

WIN a $60,000 Subaru Legacy


The dead billionaire, her ‘boy toy’ and the $US4 billion will

Revealed: biggest killers on our roads

And sport of course.

The only thing missing is the Page 3 girl. Though, come to think of it, Pammie is on Page 3.

Hence my new and improved headline: Miracle on Albert Street: HERALD TURNS INTO THE SUN




Taking a break in Queensland can make you dissatisfied with home. It’s the weather mainly – warm, sunny, reliable. And Queenslanders drive at the speed limit with the result that, paradoxically,  you get there faster and with your nerves intact.

And then there are the papers. Or one paper at least. We arrived at our Brisbane hotel on Friday evening and woke the next morning to find the Weekend Australian outside our door.

There is really only one word to describe the Weekend Australian and its weekday siblings – quality. We have no quality newspapers in New Zealand. Our metropolitans are broadsheet in format, but tabloid in content. The experience of reading them is rarely enjoyable, often not even informative. Read the rest of this entry »


Disaster Accountancy in the Media

A young woman is in critical condition in Auckland City Hospital after being hit by a bus in Mount Wellington yesterday. This is a dreadful situation for the girl, her family and the driver of the bus. If the girl dies or is left disabled it will indeed be a tragedy, as this morning’s front page Herald story rightly suggests.

But the Herald has a sidebar to the story headed “SAD TOLL”. It reports that between May 2000 and February 2009 four people have died in bus accidents in Auckland. Four people in nine years. While each of those events will have been a tragedy for everyone involved, the sidebar and the use of the word “toll” seem to me to suggest a much blacker history of fatal accidents involving buses than the statistics would imply. Read the rest of this entry »