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I do not care for Nigel Latta


When the terms ‘PC’ or  ‘politically correct’ are used these days it invariably means that the speaker has no real argument to advance. Both terms convey little more than, ‘I’m against it’. So when I read that psychologist Nigel Latta was to front a programme called The Politically Incorrect Parenting Show, I assumed that Nigel would be climbing on the current populist bandwagon of opposition to the ‘nanny state’ and the oppressive ‘it’s not OK’ mentality which it allegedly represents. Nigel would be telling us that, whatever it was,  it was OK. And we’d all feel much better.

Turns out I had it pretty well right. What we learnt from the first episode was that it was OK to feel angry with your kids; it was OK to tell your irritating offspring to ‘go out and play'; it was OK to let children engage in risky activities; and aggression was not merely OK but a desirable quality for any kid wanting to get on in life.

I could just about hear the nation’s parents calling out, ‘Good on you, Nige!’ Read the rest of this entry »