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The Post-Election Happiness Index – Find out where you belong.


I got to thinking who would be happy and who unhappy after yesterday’s election result. So I started to make a list. It’s not a complete list by any means, and you’re invited to nominate additional groups.

People happy after yesterday’s election result:

  • the rich
  • people earning over $150,000 per annum
  • speculators
  • profiteers
  • employers
  • farmers
  • polluters
  • mining companies
  • oil companies
  • foreign investors
  • people who want to sell state assets

 People unhappy after yesterday’s election result:

  • the poor
  • beneficiaries
  • the unemployed
  • food banks
  • wage and salary earners
  • public servants
  • families
  • household shoppers
  • teachers
  • nurses
  • state house tenants
  • kids branded ‘non-achievers’ under National Standards
  • conservationists
  • people who own state assets (that’s you)

People not entitled to have a view:

  • the one-in-three Kiwis who couldn’t be bothered getting off their arses to vote

 Please add to the lists!