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I have had it up to here with non-assertive (big girl’s blouse) tradesmen!

This is going to be short and sweet. I have had it up to here with non-assertive tradesmen. These pathetic wimps, wusses, chicken livers, cream puffs, crybabies, fraidy cats, milksops, momma’s boys, pantywaists, sissies, yellow bellies and big girl’s blouses do not have the cojones to tell even a little old lady they can’t concrete her drive, fix her leaking roof, build a kennel for her Dobermans, replace her kitchen incinerator, paint her picket fence, stop her garage door making graunching noises, clear her blocked drains or find out why her front door-bell isn’t working FOR THE NEXT SIX #$*&@*%#! MONTHS!

Oh no, the little old lady might be unhappy about the delay, she might get a little bit cross and tell them that it was ‘rather disappointing’ and she’d hoped to get the job done ‘a little sooner’ than in six months. And that might make the tradesmen quail and quiver and wet their pants with fear.  Read the rest of this entry »