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On Agent Anna, humourless realtors and dodgy viewing figures from TVNZ

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[I think it’s important that, if I get something wrong in a post, especially in a criticism of an individual or organisation, I should fix the mistake. In this post I surmised that the more than 400,000 average audience cited by TVNZ for its first three episodes of Agent Anna was a ‘cume’, that it included anyone who had watched the programme for more than 5 minutes during those three weeks. In a comment on the site, TVNZ’s Drama and Comedy Commissioner Kathleen Andersen said that this was incorrect.  She wrote: ‘The 400k was the audience average in 5+ for each of the three episodes that had been to air. It was not the cume.’ I accept that that is the case and that my surmise was incorrect. However, I stand by my assertion that TVNZ’s claim that 1.2 million people ‘tuned in’ to the programme over those three weeks, which Kathleen Anderson concedes was a cume,  is ‘rather misleading’ since it conveys to the ordinary reader, not familiar with ratings jargon, that this was the total number of people who ‘watched’ the programme, when in fact it was a headcount of anyone who literally ‘tuned in’ for 60 seconds (not even 5 minutes, as I suggested)  or more during those three weeks.  Given that the average audience for the show was more than 400,000 and the number of people who ‘tuned in’ for a minute or more over those three weeks was 1.2 million, the inevitable conclusion would seem to be that significantly more people ‘tuned out’ over that period than ‘tuned in’. 400,000 is nonetheless a solid rating for the programme. I’m indebted to Nielsen Television Audience Measurement for their assistance in this.]

Years and years ago, in another life, I fronted a television commercial for the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand. I don’t recall seeing the result on TV but I remember that I wasn’t very good. After numerous takes the director took me aside and said, ‘We’re having a bit of trouble with the accent, Brian. Viewers won’t know what you’re talking about.’

I was naturally affronted.

‘What on earth do you mean?’

‘Well, it sounds as though we’re in the railway business.’

‘In the railway business! Is this a joke?’

‘Well, come and have a listen.’

I listened to the playback, but couldn’t hear anything unusual.’

‘Well Brian, you’re saying “Rail Estate Institute of New Zealand”, not “Real Estate Institute of New Zealand”’.

He was right. If you say ‘real’ with an Irish accent, it comes out ‘rail’.

Twenty takes later I’d got it right.

I can’t remember what I was paid for this gig, but it was a lot less than Kev got for flogging carpet.

Thanks to our gypsy lifestyle, Judy and I have had lots of dealings with real estate agents over the years, some brilliant, some dire. So we were quite interested to see how the profession would be portrayed on what the Herald has described as ‘TV One’s new hit comedy series Agent Anna’ starring Robyn Malcolm.   Read the rest of this entry »